Supplying soft drinks to several generations of Hawkesbury residents, Noon’s Cordials Pty Ltd was established in Windsor in about 1913 by Michael Noon. Growing up in the Lithgow District, Noon left his home town to work for Everitt Richard Summons who had founded a ‘cordial and aerated waters’ manufacturing firm in Parramatta in about 1883. After working for Summons for about thirty years gaining valuable experience in the trade, Noon left Parramatta for Windsor to establish a business in his own right. He leased the cordial factory once operated by Benjamin Barnett on the corner of Kable and Macquarie Streets, Windsor.

Later, in about 1923 Michael Noon purchased the cordial factory of Dunn Bros in George Street, Windsor nearly opposite New Street which was previously owned by William Boxhall. Michael Noon died in 1931 aged only 65 years and was buried in the Catholic Cemetery, Windsor. Following his death, his wife Annie (nee O’Neill) carried on the business with son-in-law Hector Pritchard as manager.

Initially Noon’s came in clear glass bottles embossed with the circular logo on the front ‘M Noon Windsor’. The collection at Hawkesbury Regional Museum in Baker Street, Windsor includes several intact examples of this original bottle style. In later years red and white labels were printed on the glass bottle with the slogan ‘you’ll sooner Noon’s for every occasion’. Many bottles were indeed returned to the company after the contents were consumed however the occasional bottle is unearthed in backyard gardens and building excavations today.

In later years Noon’s Cordials relocated to George Street, South Windsor and after production of Noon’s branded soft drinks ceased, the company continued as a wholesale distributer of beverages manufactured by other companies. Noon’s Cordials Pty Ltd was deregistered as an Australian Proprietary Company in February 1987. It was in the premises in South Windsor that Roland Clark commenced manufacturing as Airlite Joinery in 1965.

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  • anon

    I am trying to find information about Noons Cordial. The link above reports an error. Do you have any information about the factory or where it was located?

    Apr 07, 2017
  • anon

    The broken link is now working.
    Thanks, Cathy

    Apr 07, 2017
  • anon

    I worked for Noons in the early 70s it was owned by the Roberts family and was still selling their own drinks ,the drivers was Terry Hunter and the old fellow who lived up at the corner of James & George st I can’t remember his name but he was there for years , it was a good place to work

    Nov 15, 2017

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