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p 96.

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Operated as a provisional school from 1867 until 1872 and as a public school from 1872 until closure in April 1996.

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1 & 8 November 1967

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Centenary of the opening of the school reported in the Windsor & Richmond Gazette. Report included photographs.

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A class 4P school in Wheelbarrow Road, Lower Portland.

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  • anon

    I went to lower Portland Public School I think in 1978 at the age of seven and i am woundering how to get copies of school photos.

    Jun 11, 2011
  • anon

    Hi Robert, I suggest you contact Michelle Nichols, Local Studies Librarian at Hawkesbury Library, or Hawkesbury Historical Society. Another way would be to write an article or letter for the local Hawkesbury Gazette and ask for photos. Good luck, Carol.

    Jun 29, 2017

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