Located in Tizzana Road Ebenezer NSW.
'Elim' and 'Dunroven' were two adjoining properties owned by Lewis Jacob Brown and sold at auction in 1919. They were Portion 17 and Portion 32 Parish of Wilberforce, County of Cook which fronted Tizzana Road Ebenezer. Current title descriptors - DP 132741 and DP 587166.

Portion 32, now number 231 Tizzana Road was purchased in October 1891 by Lewis Brown and the first certificate of title was Torrens Title 1033-91. He paid £40 for the 40 acre block. In July 1919 the block was sold to Robert James of Botany whose occupation was labourer.

The other block was Portion 17, now number 263 Tizzana Road was purchased by Brown in June 1915 from Andrew Carmichael Stevens of Ebenezer. Stevens purchased the block in January 1910 and was the first title holder - Torrens Title 2032-157. This block was also sold to Robert James of Botany in July 1919. These certificates of title may be viewed on the Land and Property NSW website www.lpi.nsw.gov.au under the HLRV tab. The advertisement in the Windsor and Richmond Gazette on 18 April 1919 page 7 lists the names of the properties as 'Elim' and Va roven'.

Lewis J Brown then purchased a property at Granville NSW Torrens Title 2150-162.

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18 April 1919 p 7.

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Advertisement for the auction sale of two 40 acre properties at Ebenezer owned by Lewis Jacob Brown.

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