In March 1925, Martha Mappin of 'Westbrook' Mulgrave wrote to Windsor Shire Council asking for a name to be given to the street in which she was building two cottages. The article mentions that the area was known locally as 'Frog Hollow'.

Source Reference: 

27 March 1925 p 12.

Source Notes: 

Martha Mappin, of 'Westbrook' Mulgrave, wrote:— Re road in front of the two cottages I am building — will the Council be good enough to give it a name and a few repairs? Ald. Dean: What! — Give the cottage a name.(Laughter). The Town Clerk: No— the street. Ald. Dean: Write and ask her to suggest a suitable name. Ald. Mitchell: It used to be known as'Frog Hollow' once. Ald. Dean: We have a 'Frog Hollow' in George-street, Windsor. It was resolved to ask the writer to suggest a name for the road.

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