William Walker's property along The Terrace, Windsor is named Hopkins Hill in this account of the great flood of 1867 taken from the newspaper Freeman's Journal. It was later to be known as Crescentville.

See also entry for Crescentville, Windsor.

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29 June 1867 p 9.

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THE FLOOD AT WINDSOR - 1867, June 29 1867
The flood in this district is said to be by far the highest which has occurred since its settlement by Europeans. The town of Windsor ibself is almost entirely submerged, and the country for miles round is under water. The only parts of the township now habitable are a portion of George-street, Fairfield (the residence of the Rev. C. F. Garnsey), Hopkins Hill (the residence of Mr. W. Walker, M.L.A.), M'Quade's Corner, and the ground on which stands the Roman Catholic Church.

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