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15 December 1939, p 12.

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Report from Colo Shire Council meeting dealing with the powers of properly constituted bush fire brigades to enter private property to burn windbreaks. Bush Fires Advisory Committee of the Dept of Works and Local Government had advised council that brigades which were not organised by a municipal or shire council had no powers whatsoever according to Section 494 of the Local Government Act.

Council had received a letter from Kurrajong District Bush Fire Brigade notifying council of the formation of the body. President: Cr R A Ziems; Hon Secretary-Treasurer: Mr M J (Bill) McMahon; District Captain: Cr Ziems; Vice-captains: Messrs H J Peck (Kurrajong Heights);
A B Powell (Bilpin); J Dunston (Grose Vale); F Upton (Kurrajong); S Downes (Kurmond); N Franks (North Richmond); Cr H J [H C ] Matheson (Grose Wold); M J McMahon (Comleroy Road); A J Turner (The Slopes); E McMahon (Tennyson); M West (East Kurrajong).

The instigator of the formation of a brigade had been Constable Hicks of North Richmond. A meeting of the brigade had been held the previous Wednesday.

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  • anon

    A B Powell was the fire Captain until 1939 when he handed the task over to Noel Powell (my father). I have the Permit to Light a Fire book and can send you a couple of images if that is of interest. Unfortunately this form does not allow attachments.

    Apr 04, 2015
  • anon

    Thanks for your comment Richard,
    We would be very interested in photos and information. Please send to cathy@nisch.org,

    Apr 10, 2015

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