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The location of Pitt Town was moved from the original site near the present locality of Cattai to the present town of Pitt Town in 1815 when Macquarie found that settlers complained of the distance between their farms on Pitt Town Bottoms and the town of Pitt Town to be too far.

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One of five towns named by Governor Lachlan Macquarie at a dinner at the Government Cottage, Windsor on 6 December 1810. Pitt Town was named in honour of the late William Pitt, member of the British parliament.

The original site for Pitt Town (near the present site of Cattai) was found to be too distant from the settler's farms on Pitt Town Bottoms. Gov Lachlan Macquarie decided that the farm belonging to James Richards would be purchased at government expense for the new site of Pitt Town. The farm was one mile from the Hawkesbury River and adjoined the Bardonarang Lagoon. This new location was to be marked out in allotments by the government surveyor before settlers could proceed to build their houses.
Source: Government Public Notice from the Colonial Secretary J T Campbell, dated 25 October 1815 and published in the Sydney Gazette 28 October 1815.

William Bligh (Gov of NSW arrived August 1806) purchased three farms at what would become the village of Pitt Town. They were: 100 acres from James Simpson, and 60 acres and 110 acres from Thomas Tyler. He appointed Andrew Thompson to manage the properties as 'model farms'. Bligh's daughter planted five oak trees on the property and the trees became known as 'Bligh's Oaks'. They were cut down in 1947.
Source: 'A history of the settlement of the Hawkesbury 1794' (1994), Stubbs, p 9, 10.

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A village about 6 km NE of Windsor. Boundaries within the Hawkesbury Council area shown on map GNB 3716.

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  • anon

    Hi im doing a project on pitt town lagoon and was wondering when the man made islands were built.

    May 03, 2010
  • anon

    Thank you for the information it was a great help.
    michele stow

    May 03, 2010
  • anon

    Thanks for your question Michele,
    The habitat islands were created in 1985 from structures that were already present under the surface of the water. The plan of management for the area released in December 2009 states that the level of the islands may be reduced again below water levels because there has been a decrease in the numbers of wading birds since the islands were created. Information on the lagoon my be found in the following document from the Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW.

    May 03, 2010
  • anon

    Was Pitt River in this locality and if so is it still known by this name?

    Many thanks

    Dec 08, 2010
  • anon

    Thanks for your question Sue,
    I don't know of any Pitt River in the vicinity of Pitt Town, New South Wales but there is a Pitts River in a remote area of north-western Australia. If you give me some more details on the source of your information I will check if it does relate to Pitt Town, NSW.

    Dec 08, 2010
  • anon

    Hi, my g/grandmother was Sophia Pitt Woods. My g/g/grandmother was Lucy Pitt. They lived in the Richmond, Windsor, Mulgrave areas. Do you think they had a connection with Pitt Town?

    Jun 03, 2013

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