299 George Street (corner Catherine Street) Windsor NSW.
Supplier of electricity to the Western Sydney area, founded in 1957 as the Prospect County Council and administered by local councils until 1989 when the state government began to take control of electricity suppliers. The head office was at Parramatta with regional offices such as this building at Windsor constructed on the site of Clement's Grocery Store. Apart from handling connection, termination and billing of electricity supplies, the building also featured an appliance showroom at the front and hosted cooking demonstrations at the back. Recipe leaflets were included with electricity bills as they were posted out to customers.

In 1991 the entity was renamed Prospect Electricity and operated as a NSW government business enterprise. In 1996 Prospect Electricity merged with Illawarra Electricity to form Integral Energy and since then the market for supply of power in NSW has been deregulated.

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  • anon

    I'm trying to source a picture of the Logo that was displayed on the Prospect County Council vehicles, affectionately known as "the flying crab". Preferrably detailed enough to reproduce a vehicle sticker for a restoration project.


    Jul 27, 2016

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