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16 April 1958, p 8

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St Thomas' Church of England at Sackville Reach, which has been closed for some years, is to be re-opened. The first service will be on Sunday next, April 20, at 3pm. The Rev Mutton, of Wilberforce, will conduct the service, at which a large congregation is expected. The Right Rev Dr Barker, then Bishop of Sydney, laid the foundation stone of this church on January 4, 1870, and four years later the church was consecrated by the Bishop. Due to a petition sent to his Grace the Archbishop, a "reprieve" has been obtained for this beautiful little church, which was in danger of sale and removal. If the residents of this district wish to retain this church, which is a strong link with the history of the Hawkesbury, they must support it in every way. - Contributed.

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Located at 591 Tizzana Road, Sackville.

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22 June 1960, p 5.

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Reopening ceremony of St Thomas' Church, Sackville.

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