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29 November 1967, p 2

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Letter to the editor of the W & R Gazette from Hon. Secretary I Woodbury remarking on the building of the bridge over the mouth of the Colo River at Lower Portland known locally as 'The Bridge to Nowhere'. Mr Woodbury stated that the Department of Main Roads had earmarked $2.5 million for the construction of a bridge over the Hawkesbury at Wiseman's Ferry to replace the ferry service. This bridge was to be part of the ten year plan to construct a 60 mph route from Sydney to Singleton which followed to old North Road route

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p 20

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Local association formed at Wisemans Ferry in the 1960s to promote the cause of building a bridge over the Hawkesbury River to replace the vehicular ferry crossing. A deputation was sent to the then Minister for Local Government who promised the group in 1964 that a bridge would be constructed in the near future. In the interim, a ferry from Ballina on the north coast of NSW with the capacity of 16 cars was sent to replace the old 8 car ferry.

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